Environmental Educators Roundtable

Profile of “spodosol” soil – a taxonomic order of soils found in the pinelands region of Ocean County. (Photo credit: John Kelley, Open Soil Science, (Creative Commons Open Source License).

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26th Annual Barnegat Bay Environmental Educators Roundtable

The Ocean County Soil Conservation District has been effectively coordinating and implementing the Barnegat Bay Environmental Educators Roundtable since 1997.  This professional development event is designed for educators throughout the Barnegat Bay watershed to participate in experiential workshops and field trips, enhance their knowledge of local natural resources, culture and history, and gain valuable tools that support environmental topics in the classroom.  The Roundtable helps promote a commitment to environmental stewardship in educators and the students they teach.

The Roundtable has a proven success rate with Ocean County educators. The educational programs and opportunities available from all participating agencies, organizations and groups allows a comprehensive approach to watershed education and provides educators with a “one-stop-shopping” approach. It is well known that educators are more likely to present and teach topics with which they are familiar and comfortable. The main goal and objective of the annual Barnegat Bay Environmental Educators Roundtable is to provide this opportunity for teachers and to spur action to improve and protect the health of the Barnegat Bay watershed.

Terry O’Leary and McDuffy Barrow, of the Forest Resource Education Center, teach a group of educators about bees at the 2010 Environmental Educators Roundtable.

“Excellent workshops I will use in my own class and will share with other teachers in our school! Thank you!!”

~Anne B. Stafford Intermediate School

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