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Educational Resource Guide 2011 3.23.12

Educational Resource Guide

This comprehensive booklet was created by the Ocean County Soil Conservation District as a one-stop guide for all educational resources related to the Barnegat Bay watershed.  What began as a simple directory has grown into a compendium of resources and organizations offering numerous programs, publications, field trips, and watershed information that educators can incorporate into their lessons and activities.

Our Educational Resource Page will be updated from time to time with informative, interesting and fun websites for you to visit.

The Ocean County Soil Conservation District has made available numerous resources to help you learn more about healthy soil, native plants, pollinators and more, and to connect with other like-minded groups within the community. 

The Barnegat Bay Watershed Educational Resource Guide
is an  extensive document that shares the contact information for leading environmental organizations serving the Barnegat Bay watershed.
The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Visit for Dig It! The Secrets of Soil exhibit plus games and other educational activities.

Check out Iowa NRCS newest soil healh video project, a rap tune entitled Don’t Treat It Like Dirt.

From The Ground Up, The Science of Soil
is a website that has many fun activities for families and interactive lesson plans for teachers.
Project Budburst
is a National Science Foundation citizen Science phrenology program for students. Project Budburst participants make careful observations of the timing of leafing, flowering, and fruiting phases of plants throughout the year and submit their data, which is used by scientists to learn more about how plant species respond to changes in climate locally, regionally and nationally.
Wild Ones
a non-profit organization that promotes native plants and natural landscaping, provides information about how to create a natural area in your school yard.
“Celebrating Wildflowers”
USDA Forest Service offers puzzles, coloring pages and activities for kids.