2016: 19th Annual Environmental Educators Roundtable

The 2016, 19th Annual Environmental Educators Roundtable supported the theme “We All Need Trees”, a topic promoted by the NACD (National Association of Conservation Districts) for the 2016 nationwide Poster Contest. Workshops emphasized the importance of trees in the Barnegat Bay watershed and in our lives.

Presenting organizations included:

  • The Forest Resource Education Center: “Tree ID Walk & Talk” and “Sounds From the Forest”,
  • New Jersey State Forest Service: “Silviculture and Sustainable Forest Management”,
  • NJ Sea Grant Consortium: “Weather, Climate, Trees and the Importance of Understanding Storm Surge”,
  • New Jersey Pinelands Commission: “The NJ Pinelands – More Than Pine Trees”,
  • Ocean County Parks & Recreation: “What Trees Lived Here Before My school Was Built?”,
  • Kateri Environmental Center: “Tree Mysteries”, and
  • Cedar Hollow Consulting, Naturally!: “EcoTour – Streaming the Rivers and Creeks of the Barnegat Bay Watershed”.

Keynote Speaker, Karen Walzer of Barnegat Bay Partnership, introduced participants to Jersey-Friendly Yards, a new website designed for the home or school gardener, offering step-by-step support to create an environmentally friendly garden or landscape using native trees, shrubs and perennials.