Ocean County Soil Conservation District (OCSCD) Board of Supervisors Meeting 5/16/24

The OCSCD is a subdivision of State government, organized under the New Jersey Soil Conservation Act, NJSA 4:24-1 et seq. As a public subdivision of the State, all board meetings are subject to public notice and open to public attendance.  Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975, CIO: 4-18, and in … Read more

2024: 27th Annual Barnegat Bay Environmental Educators Roundtable

This year’s theme, “Sustainable Connections”, aims to spotlight the symbiotic relationship between the cultural, historical, and natural resources that define the uniqueness and ecological significance of the Barnegat Bay watershed. By focusing on soils, compost, and food waste, we aspire to underscore the role of educators in fostering a deeper understanding of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Annual NJ Conservation Poster Contest for Kids

The theme for the NJ Conservation Poster Contest has been announced: “May The Forest Be With You Always”. Entry deadline is March 7, 2024. The NJ Conservation Poster Contest is sponsored by the Ocean County Soil Conservation District, the NJ Department of Agriculture and the NJ Association of Conservation Districts.

Soil Taxonomy – Classifying Soils

Did you know that soils are classified into taxonomic groups? The soil classification system is similar to the way that living organisms, including plants and animals, are classified into groups based on physical, chemical and morphological properties. Soil scientists classify soils into hierarchical taxonomic categories including order, suborder, great group, subgroup, family and series. The … Read more

Kean Students Learn About NJ Soil Erosion Control Standards

Senior Erosion Control Specialist, Ramon Mejia, and Inspector I, Ben Hayden, of Ocean County Soil Conservation District, shared their knowledge and expertise with students enrolled in Kean University’s Principles of Environmental Soil Science, at the Kean Ocean campus, in Toms River, NJ. On a field trip to several local construction sites in Ocean County, Mr. … Read more