Girl Scout Junior Gardener Badge

Pillar: Civic Engagement/Life Skills
Outcomes: Strong sense of self, Displays positive values

You can earn this badge by: Digging your hands into the earth and spending time with soil, water, and sunlight to find out how to help life grow from a tiny seed.

My name is Gardener Gab. I’m a Jersey-Friendly gardener. I will guide you through the 5 steps towards earning your Girl Scout Gardener Badge, which will help you become a Jersey-Friendly gardener, too! With my help, you will have the chance to: visit a garden, explore garden design, grow 6 plants, experiment with seeds and soil, and help with a community garden.

1. Visit a garden

You have the option of exploring a virtual garden using the Jersey-Friendly Yards website, or you can visit a garden. Make note of your favorite plants in case you decide to grow them yourself!

2. Explore garden design

Plan your dream garden. Cut out pictures of flowers, trees, and other plants from magazines and arrange a garden plan that appeals to you. Use the photos to experiment with various layouts. Or download pictures you find online and arrange them in a Word or Google doc.

3. Learn how to choose garden plants

Find six plants that grow in your hardiness zone. Learn which plant zone you live in and which plants like your local climate and type of soil.

4. Experiment with seeds

a. Using an empty egg carton and 12 seeds from a plant you like. Experiment with what works best when growing plants in your space. Add two tablespoons of potting soil and a seed to each of four sections. Cover two sections with paper cups. Add the same amount of water every day to all four sections.

b. How long does it take for the first leaves to poke through the dirt? Does each section look the same? Which plants did the best?

5. Grow your own garden

a. Create your own garden (outdoor or indoor) with the plants you started in step 5 and/or with plants from a nursery or a friend/neighbor. Follow the spacing and planting directions that come with them. Be sure to ask for help with planting and permission to use the space.

Additional Online Resources:
1. Check out the Junior Gardener Badge Pinterest Board for additional ideas and suggestions.

When you’re finished: Congratulations, you have earned your badge! You can purchase by emailing or at