Step One – Visit a Garden

What do You Look for in a Garden?

What do you notice when you’re in a garden? The colors of the flowers? The smell of the plants? Or do you look for animals and insects? So many advantages come from gardens! They allow us to enjoy the beauty, scents, and nature!

I love looking at the colors, listening to the sounds, and observing the wildlife that visit gardens. I ask myself, “why do these creatures come to visit this garden?” My favorite garden belongs to my friend Becky, and it’s filled with Monarch butterflies every year. Do you know why?

No two gardens alike. There are so many diverse garden creations in New Jersey!

Click here to explore the many public gardens in New Jersey!

What kinds of gardens are YOU familiar with?

3 Ways to Get Started: Choose 1 Activity

Be ready to share your pictures or images, and your writing or recording with your Troop.

Activity 1:

Visit a garden outside your home!

If you can go to a local garden, this would be the best option!
To complete this activity, Draw pictures of the garden that you visited or take some photos while you are at the garden. Then write about the garden or record yourself speaking about your images.

Activity 2:

Visit Garden Online!

If you can’t visit a local garden, you can view public gardens online. Explore the Jersey-Friendly Yards Success Stories webpage to see beautiful home garden designs. Or, visit Rutgers Gardens to see beautiful public gardens.

Rutgers has many gardens to choose from, each with their own unique story! Select a garden that looks most interesting to you. There are so many amazing pictures on these websites! Draw pictures of your favorite garden or download photos from the websites. Then, write or recording yourself speaking about the images.

Activity 3:

Visit your own garden!

If your family has a garden at home, explore this garden by either drawing pictures or taking photos. Then, write or record yourself speaking about your images.

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Congratulations! You completed Step 1 of your Girl Scout Gardener Badge!

Please wait for your leader’s instruction before moving onto Step 2!

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