Bibliography of Soil Health Resources

This downloadable bibliography was designed to be an easy to use, comprehensive tool. It includes a brief description of every article along with a link to the article and information about the organization which published the resource. Please take the time to browse through the file.  It is not intended as an all inclusive compendium, but rather a beginning for further research and investigation.  We hope that you find it a valuable resource in your  quest for soils information.

If there are items that you think should be included, please contact us and reference “Bibliography of Soil Health Resources”.  Include as much detail (title, author, website, etc.) as available.  We will make every effort to update the file on a regular basis.

Over the past decade, the Ocean County Soil Conservation District has collected nearly 250 publications which have been organized into a complete Soil Health Resource Guide. This collection of articles has been categorized based on topic, and covers a variety of subjects including:

Nature’s Engineers – Building Healthy Soil!
  • Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • Compaction and Human Alteration of Soils
  • Composting, Reports, Studies and Updates
  • Conservation
  • Forestry and Soil
  • General Soil Information
  • Laws & Ordinances
  • Low Impact Development
  • Research Funding Information
  • Research Organizations and Associations
  • Searchable Research Information Databases
  • Soil Health
  • Soil Health Cards
  • Soil Management Resources/Best Management Practices
  • Soil Quality Indicators
  • Soil Quality Monitoring
  • Soil Restoration and Amendments
  • Stormwater Management
  • Urban Soils

Bibliography of References

The research and compilation of this bibliography was funded, in part, through a Watershed Restoration Grant (CBT # RP07-057) through the
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD)

The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) is the nonprofit organization that represents America’s 3,000 conservation districts and the 17,000 men and women who serve on their governing boards. Conservation districts are local units of government established under state law to carry out natural resource management programs at the local level. Districts work with millions of cooperating landowners and operators to help them manage and protect land and water resources on all private lands and many public lands in the United States.