Soil Taxonomy – Classifying Soils

Did you know that soils are classified into taxonomic groups? The soil classification system is similar to the way that living organisms, including plants and animals, are classified into groups based on physical, chemical and morphological properties. Soil scientists classify soils into hierarchical taxonomic categories including order, suborder, great group, subgroup, family and series. The … Read more

The Important Role of Soil Organisms in a Healthy Garden

The vibrant community of soil organisms that live beneath our feet are the unsung heroes of our yards and gardens. Below the soil surface, a bustling community of soil organisms tirelessly works to maintain the vitality of the living landscape above. These tiny creatures, including bacteria, fungi, earthworms and insects, play a pivotal role in … Read more

Rutgers University – New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Another resource provided for the residents of Ocean County is the Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension of Ocean County.  The Cooperative Extension provides a wealth of information about natural resources, agriculture, fisheries, the economy and various other important information from New Jersey.  The Extension is also the hub for many environmentally conscious volunteer groups including the Master … Read more

2015 Soil Health Webinar Series

Webinar Series #1: Soils 101, best management Practices and the Landscape Recording of First Webinar (September 25, 2015) Presentation by Fred Schoenagel Presentation by Stephanie Murphy Presentation by Eileen Miller Webinar Series #2: Soil Health, Planning, Development & Redevelopment Aspects Recording of the Second Webinar (October 30, 2015) Presentation by Brian Friedlich Presentation by Joseph … Read more