Discovering Barnegat Bay – Curriculum for Teachers

Discovering Barnegat Bay is an educational tool developed for educators to include information about the local natural ecosystem into their curriculum.

Discovering Barnegat Bay is an interdisciplinary guide for the historical, cultural and natural resources of the Barnegat Bay watershed.  The program was created by members of the Barnegat Bay Environmental Educators Steering Committee in 2003 to provide a unique activity guide that addresses locally significant topics and resources.

The discovering Barnegat Bay guidebook includes meaningful lesson plans, activities and resources for teachers and educators designed to support Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics through the exploration of historical, cultural and natural resources of the Barnegat Bay watershed. The guidebook is accompanied by a discovering Barnegat Bay “Treasure Chest” containing a selection of resource materials.

John Wnek of the MATES Academy in Manahawkin, NJ uses the terrapin turtle as an educational tool to emphasize the importance of protecting our natural resources.

The Discovering Barnegat Bay curriculum guide includes:

  • Lesson plans and activities designed specifically about the Barnegat Bay watershed.
  • Activities that incorporate locally significant topics and issues into existing curricula.
  • Lessons that are interdisciplinary and offer opportunities in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies & Mathematics.
  • Chapters that focus on various themes: Soil, Water’s Path, Natural Wonders, People and Places, and Boundaries of our Watershed.  All are created to help make learning more meaningful for students by bringing it “closer to home.”
  • A supplemental resource for teachers that meets New Jersey State Standards.

Download these lessons from the Discovering Barnegat Bay Curriculum Guide to use with your students in your classroom or your virtual learning space:

18 Agencies and Organizations partnered to bring all the collective educational resources together!

Funding provided by NJDEP (319h – Clean Water Act) and Barnegat Bay Partnership for implementation