Visitation Relief Center – Jersey-Friendly Yards

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Visitation Relief Centeris a project to establish a healthy native landscape for staff and visitors to use as both a recreational space and an educational forum.

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Visitation Relief Center is a nonprofit community outreach center formed by members of the community in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. The land in the backyard is cultivated as a vegetable garden to provide food for the community. This project focused on landscaping the front yard with native shrubs and colorful flowering perennials that support pollinators. The staff at the Visitation Relief Center wanted to use the front yard as recreational space for relaxation and enjoyment, and as an educational forum.

The Jersey-Friendly Yards website was used to select shrubs and perennials that grow well in sandy, slightly acidic soil in full or partial sun. Shrubs were planted along the back fence as a privacy border and to provide a green vegetative backdrop to the landscape. Grasses and hardy perennials able to withstand snow-pack and deicing salt were planted along the curb near the parking lot. A path was created through the landscape and a small butterfly garden was installed to provide seasonal color. Picnic tables were placed within the garden area.