Community Garden Network of Ocean County

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The Community Garden Network of Ocean County is collaboratively led by a team of experts in food gardening, soil health, food distribution and education. Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Ocean County, Fulfill, Ocean County Soil Conservation District, Master Gardeners of Ocean County Inc., and Wrangle Brook Community Garden have joined together to create a network of tools and resources for the Ocean County community.

The community gardens in Ocean County are as diverse as its people. Our community gardens are found in neighborhoods, schools, adult communities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, places of worship and work spaces. The food grown in community gardens may be for the gardeners and their families, donated to feed the hungry, or both.

The shared knowledge of developing and maintaining this network of gardeners is a benefit for all! The Community Garden Network of Ocean County connects people with community gardens, and community gardens with each other.

Are you interested in networking with other community gardeners in Ocean County?

Are you interested in starting a community garden in your town? The Community Garden Network of Ocean County can offer resources to assist. Please contact our CGN team at Connect with us on our Facebook page!