Education Programs for Kids

Are you interested in an educational program for your young learners? The Ocean County Soil Conservation District provides programs to students, summer camp groups, kids’ community organizations and scout groups. The programs currently available include:

For more information about Education Programs and Events, please call Becky Laboy,
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Worms – Heroes of the Earth

(This program is a hit with younger children, up to age 7.)

Where would we be without worms and other soil-dwelling critters? We would be waist-deep waste, and knee-high in leaves! Meet “S.K. Worm”, sock-puppet, who will teach about the importance of soil – the stuff of Earth. People need soil to grow the food we eat, to sustain trees that provide us with the air we breathe, and to clean the water we drink. Have fun with S.K. Worm, as we honor the heroes of the Earth!

healthy soil

Soil Exploration and Discovery

(This program is ideal for children ages 6-8yrs.)

Soil is at the root of all life on earth!┬áThis hands-on explore-and-discover experience will guide children to a basic understanding about the importance of soil. Embedded activities include a comparison of several soil samples, an introduction to a soil profile, a look at the ingredients of soil, and making soil from scratch – with the help of some soil critters.

Soil Scientists

(This program is for older students ages 9-12 yrs.)

Soil is the foundation of all life on earth. We depend on soil to support our crops for food. We get the nutrients we need from the food we eat. Our food get their nutrients from the soil. We will test soil samples for macronutrients including Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, as well as pH.

Healthy Soil is for the Birds – Interactive Powerpoint

(This program can be modified to suit all ages.)

The soil is a supermarket for birds! Soil is home to insects, arthropods and other small critters that birds eat. Plants that grow in the soil provide a home to many insects that birds glean from the bark, stems, and leaves. Plants get their nutrition from the soil and pass it along to birds in the form of berries and seeds. Explore and discover the importance of healthy soil for birds and other wildlife.